Finding Rental Apartments in Severn


Your first shot of independence usually comes when you go to college. If you have decided to reside off-campus, keep in mind that renting can be a hassle and will call for responsibility. Before signing a lease, you may want to consider these few tips.


It is important that you clearly define a budget and know how much you can afford per month for rent. An excellent way to determine this is to add your income and multiply it by 0.3 in order to get 30 percent of your pay. Keeping the goal near this number ascertains that you will have enough money left over to live in a comfortable manner. You might also want to consider getting a roommate to cut down the bills. Post ads around campus or ask your friends. If you own any pet, it is also imperative to ensure that the potential apartments in Severn allow pets.


Once you are certain that you can afford to live off-campus, the next thing is to determine what kind of place you are looking for and what amenities you need. Some students do not mind driving to school every day, while others prefer to walk or bike. A convenient and safe location is essential. Some apartments in Severn have up to date features like a washer and dryer on site, etc. Depending on your location, air conditioning might be necessary. Larger apartments even have on-site gyms, pools, rooftop spaces, etc. However, it is important to know that these extras will cost you more and so, itâ??s vital that you only choose what you need.


After identifying crucial features, the next stage is to look for rental apartments. Start at your new campus. Most universities are affiliated with apartments that are off-campus, and others might provide resources and even refer you to rental properties that are popular with college students. This ascertains that your neighbors are peers. You can also find apartments for rent through adverts posted in classifieds or online.


Once you get a few prospects, it is time to contact the leasing offices. You should narrow down your list to 3 or 5 apartments and get ready for viewings. This is an exciting phase and the possibility of owning your own space for the first time can be distracting. You will require a checklist for each property you visit in order to keep yourself on track. It should include, common issues and safety standards such as kitchen appliances, marked up floors and walls, broken cabinets, faulty plumbing, etc. You can download a generic checklist online or make a personalized one, but donâ??t sign a lease without verifying the basic things and ascertain that everything works. Any minor things you come across should be reported to the apartment manager. Do not get stuck covering for the damage that was done by a previous tenant.

These are the most important things to keep in mind when hunting for an apartment for rent in Severn. Never settle for less.